Funding Issues

Long Term Care Requires Long Term Giving

Since 1991, the Barbara Stone Foundation has provided funds to facilitate improvement in the quality of life and safety of individuals with disabilities and special needs and their families.

The State’s decline in revenues has forced drastic funding cuts. It is imperative that willing people give now!

The State of South Carolina provides funds to support core services. State and federal revenue shortfalls during the past several years have resulted in drastic funding cuts in disability services. Families now live in fear of losing the services they currently receive and they have had to fight for recognition and support in every recent State budgeting process. In addition, over 5,500 people have been placed on a wait list for desperately needed services. This list has been frozen for years, with no thaw in sight. Some people will die before they can receive services. The foundation is committed to assisting this community.

The Barbara Stone Foundation supports needs not covered by state funding.

While we will continue to provide funds for projects of Thrive Upstate (formerly the Greenville County Disability and Special Needs Board), we have expanded our focus. One example is our work with Camp Spearhead. This camp has been a top-of-the-list experience for people with special needs since the day it opened in 1968. In 2008, the camp was given to the Greenville County Parks and Recreation Department. In 2010, a new state-of-the-art camp was opened and the foundation gave over $37,000 to the camp for camper scholarships.

Our expanded focus has also included providing funding for caregiver respite, medication and equipment for people with brain injuries, and Greenville County’s Boundless Playground.

Some of the programs, equipment, and organizations supported by the Foundation to date:

  • In-home medical day- or night-care services for those without State benefits
  • Supplemental help for families with reduced or insufficient support
  • Gap funding for medications and equipment prior to Medicaid approval
  • Scholarships to Camp Spearhead for children with disabilities and special needs
  • Specialized equipment such as motorized wheelchairs, lifts, walkers, braces, beds
  • Educational materials and devices
  • Educational field trips and recreational activities
  • Supplemental funding for vehicles and special care equipment for organizations such as Thrive Upstate
  • Project HOPE Foundation’s Virtual Hope Program serving teenagers with autism who have the scholastic potential to graduate high school

We are open to any special request that fits our mission. Please visit our Grants page for more information.