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  • Applied Theatre Center – $12,950.00 – Continued support for Spectrum and YMCA RECESS program participation
  • Carolina Dance Collaborative – $22,678.00 – Support for CDC’s Disability Programs – Connect, Adaptive Christmas Flash Mob, Special Education Residency, YMCA RECESS Program
  • Mauldin Miracle League – $4,000.00 – Player scholarships
  • Meyer Center for Special Children – $5,147.00 – Funding of ReadItOnce Again curriculum
  • Thrive Upstate – $27,750.00 – Funding to provide critical in-home support to people with head injuries, spinal cord injuries, similar disabilities and for one person with an intellectual disability
  • Ubi Global LLC – $1,020.00 –  Purchase 60 books, Harnessing Courage, for Youth Leadership Greenville
  • Upstate Warrior Solution – $5,000.00 – Sponsor 1 head/spinal injury client/veteran from Greenville County with a 30%+ disability rating
  • YMCA of Greenville – $18,000.00 – Support a portion of the first year salary of the RECESS Program Manager

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  • Carolina Dance Collaborative – $10,875.00 – Funding to continue the weekly adaptive dance class “Connect,” the annual Adaptive Christmas Flash Mob, and a performance project with the Greenville County Schools High School Special Education classrooms
  • YMCA of Greenville – $11,429.00 – Day programming for adults with special needs – To offer a two-day expansion to serve and additional 20 participants at the YPC site in September 2016 and expansion in the Greer/Taylors community to serve 20 participants by 2017
  • Applied Theatre Center – $9,800.00 – Spectrum theatre group 16/17 – drama therapy program
  • Applied Theatre Center – $5,760.00 – YMCA RECESS program collaboration
  • Greenville County Schools – $2,282.00 – Purchase non-consumable items needed to implement this annual program since they are in the start-up year
  • InDwellings – $1,000.00 – The Side by Side Choir – a community based choir that affords the opportunity for those of differing abilities to learn, enjoy and perform live music without fear of judgement
  • SC Autism Society – $1,000.00 – Upstate Holiday Party – Upstate families affected by autism can continue to have a holiday celebration that works with the unique needs of their families
  • Mauldin Miracle League – $4,000.00 – Scholarships to cover registration costs for those players whose families indicate they do not have the financial means to register their children to play in the Mauldin Miracle League

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  • Vested Partners – $32,250.00 – Funding for selection, breeding, whelping, neo-natal care and adolescent pre-training of a litter of puppies to become services dogs
  • Project Hope Foundation, Inc. – $29,475.00 – Continuing Education: A Holistic approach to empowering Young Adults with Autsim – pilot project consists of 38-week daily program that will serve as ‘continuing ed’ for a group of young adults with Autism. Using evidence-based ABA techniques to build mastery in the areas of communication, social interaction, self-advocacy, life skills, leisure skills and work skills, with the goal of sustained employment
  • International Ballet – $6,000.00 – The Special Needs Dance Program has the goal to assist in enriching the lives of those who live with lifelong disabilities. The outcomes of the program are to enrich the lives of the participants through improved overall health, self-esteem and an ongoing opportunity to socialize and be part of and belong to a structured class
  • Greenville Symphony Orchestra – $2,250.00 – The GSO will use the grant award to help ensure that all Greenville residents are able to access the quality programming provided by the GSO through the Community Ticket Program
  • YMCA of Greenville – $26,250.00 – RECESS participants will be exposed to diversified enrichment programs. Participants will be able to identify healthy foods, 3 exercises they can per week on their own, two valuable ways to save money after working with a volunteer banker
  • Center for Developmental Services – $7,500.00 – Operating support to be allocated to the outreach programs and events and social media education for children and families
  • Applied Theatre Center – $4,330.00 – YMCA RECESS program collaboration, facilitating a group for theatre outings with backstage tours, rehearsals and play attendance
  • Applied Theatre Center – $8,900.00 – Spectrum 15/16 – drama therapy program
  • Carolina Dance Collaborative – $4,430 – Outreach and Community Engagement program will develop weekly adaptive classes for individuals with special needs through the dynamic medium of dance
  • Thrive Upstate – $24,660.00 – Essential support for individuals with head and spinal cord injuries
  • Mauldin Miracle League – $4,000.00 – Scholarships for 100 individuals with physical and developmental challenges to participate in Fall or Spring baseball season
  • Meyer Center for Special Children – $17,600.00 – Funding for Music Therapy Program, 44 weeks with 8 hour-long sessions per week
  • YMCA of Greenville – $8,700.00 – RECESS Program

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More content to follow! We believe it is in our and the public’s best interest to keep you informed of the wonderful programs we are able to fund and help make happen. Check back soon to see more programs we have funded in the past!

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The need has never been greater…

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We appreciate every donation, large and small.

The Barbara Stone Foundation would not exist without caring individuals like you.  We are a registered non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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