Dreams Don't Have to Change...

Barbara Stone started a movement over fifty years ago to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Barbara Stone made a difference and so can you.

People under 65 in Greenville County with a Disability
$ 10000 +
Total Spring 2022 Grants Awarded

Individuals with disabilities can flourish

Barbara Stone was a champion for individuals with disabilities. She started a movement over fifty years ago that forever improved the lives of individuals with disabilities. She was a community and family member, just like you.

You can make a positive difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities by supporting the Barbara Stone Foundation. We believe that all individuals with disabilities can flourish when given the opportunity. Please join us and together we will serve as champions for individuals with disabilities.


How We're Making a Change

UP Employment Initiative
In partnership with Windsor Aughtry Hotel Group and Hospitality America, UP is developing a workforce initiative for the inclusive employment of people with disabilities.
Bingo Bash
Don’t miss our annual BINGO BASH! Join us as a champion for individuals with disabilities, connect with those who support our mission
Community Innovations Grant Program Accepting Applications

Deadline: March 15

Notifications: April 14

Grant Presentation: Sunday, May 7 at Bingo Bash

Deadline: March 30

The 2023 Community Leadership Award Honoree will be announced at Bingo Bash on Sunday, May 7

Every donation, large and small affects positive change.

Within our generation, people with disabilities were locked away from society with a belief that they had nothing useful to contribute.  Although much progress has been made in the past fifty years, individuals with disabilities still struggle to be seen, heard, valued, and included.

YOU can be the difference.  Together, we can achieve our vision of a community where all individuals with disabilities flourish.